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Special clients, or guests, bring more flavor to our annual alternative fashion conference. From showcasing designers on our runways to selling high quality, couture items in our Marketplace, clients fill out the RuffleCon experience for our members. We love the diversity that can come from having a client participate in our event. The relationships that they are able to cultivate with our members show how important a client’s presence can make or break a member’s conference experience.

Steampunk Love with Citizens of Antiford at RuffleCon 2017

A fan favorite for our Steampunk community members, the Citizens of Antiford return with bigger and better plans than their previous years. Bringing back some of their time-old favorite informative panels and interactive workshops, they know how to keep our members engaged for the weekend. You can also meet up in their vending area in […]

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Step into Triple Fortune’s Brilliant Kingdom

Since our inaugural year, Japanese fashion and performer duo KAIE and BABI have been a powerful force. Triple Fortune has enchanted us with their sumptuous fashions. Brilliant Kingdom has ensorcelled us with scintillating performances. They set the Lolita fashion world ablaze with “bonnet fever”. We can never look at the standard boring head bow the same way […]

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Mossbadger to Present and Showcase at RuffleCon 2017

A returning favorite, American Lolita brand Mossbadger has magical tricks up their sleeves and spooky delights for the runway.  A dark mysterious vibe fits in with RuffleCon’s theme for this year, and Mossbadger’s style fits right in. They demonstrate such a talent for mixing different tastes and styles that it is like Fashion Alchemy! Featured on […]

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Helping Us with Storage, DIY Mobile Box Makes the Process Easy

For portable storage, RuffleCon could not imagine using any other company than DIY Mobile Box. Returning to sponsor our storage needs for the entire conference for 2017, they have proven themselves invaluable to our event. Without DIY, there would be nothing at the conference! Their portable containers store everything from our decorations to staging equipment […]

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Blackbird Finery Presenting at RuffleCon 2017

Blackbird Finery was a welcome addition to our 2016 roster. He has come back to showcase his work in gentleman’s accessories. Over the weekend, you can expect to see Jason running at least four different panels and/or workshops. Last year, his topics included being “dapper on a dime”, replicating vintage wear in modern day fashion, […]

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Performing Burlesque at RuffleCon 2017: The Boston BeauTease

This year at RuffleCon, we want to focus on bringing forth events that entertain and inspire. Our favorite burlesque group does just that, showcasing a fun, flirty set of gentlemen and ladies stripping down to their bare essentials (and sometimes less!). They are a fan favorite and are ready to bring down the house.   […]

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RuffleCon 2016: Couture Showcase

The official release of the RuffleCon 2016 schedule is only a few days away! While we know you’re already making tentative plans for your weekend, we wanted to take a moment to shine a spotlight on one of our new special events: The Couture Showcase. Featuring couture designers from around the world, this event will […]

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RuffleCon 2016: Cloudberry Lady

We are thrilled to welcome back our latest guest, Cloudberry Lady! Owner and Designer Tuulia Lautamaja will be making her grand return, with a whole new collection of amazing, mysterious, and magical design to showcase for 2016. Cloudberry Lady was founded in the spring of 2009, and Tuulia has been a force to be reckoned with […]

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RuffleCon 2016: Peaceful Fashions

RuffleCon is proud to announce our latest guest, Peaceful Fashions! Designer Nellie Theroux will be adding a unique vision of conscientious couture to our lineup, and we are so thrilled to have her. Peaceful Fashions is an independent fashion design company founded in 2010 under the creative direction of owner Nellie Theroux. Products offered through […]

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RuffleCon 2016: Triple Fortune

We are proud to welcome back our friends KAIE and BABI, the duo behind the fashion brand Triple Fortune and members of the band Brilliant Kingdom to RuffleCon 2016! The dynamic duo has been incredibly busy. Their fashion brand, Triple Fortune, is a well-respected label known for their lavish outfits and over the top hair […]

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