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New Haven Restaurant Review: Pitaziki

Every since we got a Chipotle in town, New Haven restaurateurs have really been embracing the “build your own” business model. Though a handful of options in Downtown New Haven come to mind (Tikkaway is pretty popular with the local lolita crowd), the newest player on the scene is Pitaziki. The small, bright restaurant located […]

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5 Tips for Dining Out in New Haven

RuffleCon is almost upon us! As the resident loli-on-the-street here in New Haven, CT, I’m going to be taking the next few weeks to give everyone some small tidbits about the city that will be hosting our fair conference so you’re prepared when you get here. Because I like to pretend I’m ~such a foodie~, […]

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New Haven Restaurant Review: Prime 16

New on the blog: New Haven restaurant and attraction reviews to help guide RuffleCon attendees in their dining choices for the weekend of the conference. Prime 16 is a welcoming pub-style restaurant across the street from the Omni Hotel in New Haven. The menu of this tap house features classic American fare like salads and […]

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