Alternative Fashion for All
October 14th - 16th, 2016
Sheraton Stamford Hotel
Stamford, CT, USA

A Northeast USA Alternative Fashion Conference

Alternative Fashion - Lolita FashionRuffleCon is a conference held in Stamford, CT devoted to followers of cute, elegant alternative fashion in the Northeastern USA. RuffleCon is brought to you by a handful of alternative fashion enthusiasts who have been involved in the local community for years (over a decade, for some of us). We have been brought together by our love for lolita, goth, steampunk, or any other fashion from a rather shockingly long list, but one thing that unites us all is our commitment to creating for our communities an open, accepting forum devoted to the elegant, alternative fashion and its followers. We are dedicated to creating an atmosphere of learning and exploring within fashions new and old, and of course having fun while we’re at it!

RuffleCon will be held on October 14th – 16th, 2016 at the Sheraton Stamford Hotel in Stamford, CT.

The fashion is the core of the event. It brings together multitudes of people in a central location, ready to consume the alternative fashion world. If this sounds like the type of population market you want to get involved with, please consider becoming a sponsor of the conference. You will connect with all different kinds of groups and unique individuals, dressed to the nines.

Besides our annual conference, membership gets you all kinds of perks and benefits. Check out our membership page for more information on the levels of membership and what an upgrade can get you.

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    • RuffleCon 2016: In The Midnight Garden February 10, 2016
      RuffleCon is proud to announce our official theme for 2016: In The Midnight Garden! The Midnight Garden is a place where fairies hold court, witches haunt the woods, mermaids bathe in the starlight, and exotic flowers bloom in the light of the full moon. Fairy lights, evening primrose, moon flowers, the distant hum of katydids […]
      Public Relations Manager

Our Mission Statement

    RuffleCon has the goal of being a quality annual conference focused on elegant and cute alternative fashions from all parts of the world, including but not limited to Japanese street fashion, historical fashion, and otherworldly style to help spread knowledge of alternative fashion through educational, entertaining, and mind-expanding panels, shows, and hands-on activities as well as direct access to international and local vendors, artists, and entities directly involved in the alternative fashion subcultures.

Our Official Charity

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